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Release of HDF 4.2.14 - Newsletter #162 - The HDF Group (1)
New blog post: HDF5 Or How I Learned To Love Data Compression And Partial I/O (1)
New Blog Post: Citations for HDF Data and Software (1)
Release of HDF5-1.8.21 - Newsletter #161 (1)
New blog post: Damaris: An Asynchronous Data Aggregator Middleware in Support of HDF5 Library - (1)
Announcing development of the Enterprise Support Edition of HDF5 ( 2 ) (24)
Durham University Seeks to Unlock Mysteries of the Cosmos (1)
New blog post: Why should I care about the HDF5 1.10.2 Release? - The HDF Group (4)
Release of HDF5-1.10.2 - Newsletter #160 (1)
Large wind dataset now available via HDF Cloud (1)
URGENT message regarding shut down of this mailing list (1)
New web forum to replace this list (1)
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Help The HDF Group prepare our new Support Portal (1)
New website launch scheduled for Tuesday, October 17th! (1)
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Scheduled Forum downtime Sunday, March 11 (3)
Clarification on earlier email regarding compression (3)
Release of HDF5-1.8.20 (Newsletter #159) (9)
Release of HDF5-1.8.20 (Newsletter #159) (1)
Release of the h4toh5 Conversion Library and Tools Version 2.2.3 (Newsletter #158) (1)
Release of HDFView 2.14 and HDF Java 3.3.2 (Newsletter #157) (1)