Unorthodox installation paths for Fortran modules

I believe that Fortran module files are not being installed in the typically expected fashion as other libraries we build here at LANL. I found that after the CMake installation process, the Fortran module files were buried in the $HDF5_INSTALL_ROOT/include/[shared,static] directories. Normally these files should just reside in the “include” directory as there is no difference in the content of Fortran module files (for the compilers I’m familiar with: GCC, Intel, PGI, Cray, …) whether the library is static or shared.

Looking through the forums on this issue, there seems to be a relevant Forum discussion:

Perhaps involving the Windoze Visual Studio compiler; perhaps that compiler expects Fortran modules to be organized in such fashion.

For now, we can script around this odd idiosyncrasy (or patch the offending CMake files), but I do believe that this issue will need to be addressed by the HDFGroup devs.

Thanks for your time.

Thank you! We need to investigate this.
I entered HDF5 bug HDFFV-10898 for the issue.