Unable to load HDFql.dll into the Solution

Hi Team,

We started using HDFql in VisualStudio 2019 c# WPF application, where we have to export and import compound/complex data type into h5/hdf5 file. We have followed the instructions provided in the reference manual and added all the required class files to our solution. However, we were facing an DllNotFoundException(The type initializer for ‘AS.HDFql.HDFql’ threw an exception.’
) when we try to build the application.

Kindly let us know if we are missing something.


Hi @leelakrishna.k,

Looking at the information and screenshot you have posted, it seems that your project expects HDFql.dll to be a typical .NET assembly file. Although both may have the same extension, i.e. dll, they are different as HDFql.dll (shipped in HDFql distribution package) is a native dynamic link (i.e. shared) library. Therefore, your project must deal with it as such. Please check this Stack Overflow post to get additional information about this subject and how to setup a .NET project to use a native dynamic link library.

Hope it helps!

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