Jarhdf5 not found



I am trying to compile Hdfview source and find exactly the same error than error: module not found: jarhdf

The answer is not sufficient, I cannot find jarhdf5 in any folder even if I install hdf5 with the sources.

Any new idea?



I compiled again Hdf5 with a lot of options:

sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --libdir=/usr/local/lib$CLUSTER --bindir=/usr/local/bin$CLUSTER --enable-shared --with-pic --with-default-api-version=v16 --enable-fortran --enable-cxx --enable-hl --enable-java --enable-tests --enable-tools

The jarhdf5 error disappeared, it stays only the jarhdf missing
I did the same with Hdf4 and I had no problem anymore

I do not know which option was necessary


java requires the shared libraries so --enable-java and --enable-shared must be present,–with-pic is good unless you have a reason not to include that. I think --with-default-api-version v16 is not a good choice for java libraries.
hdf5 source should be 1.10.x for hdfview 3.1.y and 1.12.m for hdfview 3.2.n builds.


CMake-hdf-4.2.15/HDF4options.cmake incorrectly has HDF_BUILD_JAVA, when it should actually be: HDF4_BUILD_JAVA

error: module not found: jarhdf

Fixing it in the master branch.


In which repo are these CMake-hdf files hosted? Basically: where is the file HDF4options.cmake.

Couldn’t find them, during a brief search through repos on github. Thanks


the file HDF4options.cmake is in the config/cmake/scripts folder.

CMake-hdf* files are created at release time and can be downloaded from the download site.