HDFView: variable length strings

I’m doing some tests creating variable length strings with Python (h5py module). As a quick check, I’m using HDFView (3.0) to view the contents of the test file I created. I can open the file and view General Object Info tab for the dataset with variable length strings. However, when I try to view the data, I get these errors:
ScalarDS loadData:H5DreadVL_str: failed to read variable length strings
An error occurred while loading data for the Table
Based on my Python tests, I am 99% sure I created the data and dataset correctly.
Is this a limitation with HDFView?
Note: If I convert to fixed length strings, I am able to view the data.

Hi @ken.walker,

would it be possible to try using the latest 3.1 release of HDFView, available here? This seems like the same issue as in this forum post. We made some improvements in this area for the 3.1 release.

@jhenderson, I downloaded HDFView 3.1 and reran my test. It works! Simple solution. Thanks.