CMake build of 1.10.2-snap10 does not configure or install h5cc and friends

Assuming one bypasses issues described in Build failure of 1.10.2-snap10 with CMake and Test failure while building 1.10.2-snap10 with debug / trace enabled, one is left with the problem that the compiler tools (h5cc, h5c++, h5fc) are not configured and installed (the only reference in CMakeLists.txt files is to h5cc, and even then it is commented out). Even if we are not building the HDF5 C++ library, it is very important to be able to find h5cc and h5c++: indeed, without it, find_package() does not appear to work for HDF5. Am I doing something wrong? Is the CMake build not ready for prime time yet? Should I have read about this somewhere and know this already?

Thanks for any help,