Build failure of 1.10.2-snap10 with CMake

With the following CMake command:

eval CC=mpicc CXX= FC=mpif90 cmake \
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/greenc/work/cet-is/test-products/hdf5/v1_10_2_snap10/Linux64bit+3.10-2.17-e17-mpich-prof \

An attempt to build fails with:


Fatal Error: Can't open module file ‘h5lt_const.mod’ for reading at (1): No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make[2]: *** [hl/fortran/src/CMakeFiles/hdf5_hl_fortran-static.dir/static/H5LTff_gen.F90.o] Error 1

This appears at first sight to be due to the fact that the HDF5 CMake-based build system puts module files in ${CMAKE_Fortran_MODULE_DIRECTORY}/(static|shared), but the default -I options configured by CMake look only in ${CMAKE_Fortran_MODULE_DIRECTORY} and not under it.

Is there some quick workaround to get me going here, or am I missing something?

I created for this build failure. I have seen this happen occasionally, yet always on the same configuration and platform.

Thanks for this, but I appear to be unable to see this issue on your JIRA: is this a closed site, or something for which I might have a limited account to view this and other issues?

Unfortunately, our JIRA is not open to the public. We’re working on that, though.

Fair enough, thanks for the information.