Writing of complex structures

I am trying to use hdf5 for logging data in a robotics framework.
In this framework we use structures like these :

struct LaserScan
         Time time;
         double start_angle;
         double angular_resolution;
         double speed;
         std::vector<uint32_t> ranges;

struct LaserSweep
     std::vector<LaserScan> scanns;

For the basic data types and structures not containing std::vectors
everything is working so far. My problem are the std::vectors and
how to fit them in the hdf5 type model.

For now my best idea is to use a variable length data type with the correct
nested type. The problem now is that in this case AFAIK hdf5 expects a
size_t and a pointer to the data inside the struct. As I may not modify the
given structure this is a problem for me. Copying the data to a temporary
structure is also not possible/difficult for different reasons.

A way to deal with this would be to write the type in chunks, which would
be possible but might be very complex because of the nested containers.

Is there a better way of handling this ?



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