Writing Array of Structures to HDF5 File using H5TB in C

I am writing array of Structures to HDF5 Table in C. I have following structure
typedef struct
int X;
int Y;
} Point;

Point points[10];
hsize_t chunk_size[1] = { 10 };
int fill_data = NULL;
fields[2] = {“X”, “Y”};
size_t offsets[2] = {HOFFSET(Point, X), HOFFSET(Point, Y)};
hid_t fieldtypes[2] = {H5T_NATIVE_INT, H5T_NATIVE_INT};

I have written points structure to H5TB using below API
status = H5TBmake_table(“Points”, of_group, “Point”, 2, 1, sizeof(Point), fields,
offsets, fieldtypes, chunk_size, fill_data, 0, points);

But, only 1st element of array of Points Structure is being written to HDF5 instead of all the 10 Structures.
Could anyone help me out how to write entire array of structures at the same time.

Thanks in advance.