working with RESQML HDF5 on H5SERV

Good day, we are currently working on RESQML dataset of HDF5 The command we are testing is: http://127.0.1:5000/RESQML/”UUID”/points_patch0/values? where “UUID” is an UUID generated during the creation of the file, “points_patch0” the name of the dataset (which is just a list in this case), and RESQML is the Group.
we keep getting this errors in the images below we are wondering if anyone can give us assistance on what to do

The h5serv project was a prototype for developing the HDF REST API, but it’s not under active development. Since our primary focus now is Kita (HSDS), expect limited fixes for the h5serv code base. That said, h5serv supports the same REST API as Kita and is a bit simpler to setup.

Anyway, the /RESQML path doesn’t match any of the operations provided by h5serv. See for operations supported by the REST API. Also you may find it helpful to watch the h5serv console window and note any error information it is displaying.

Hope this helps!