Which HDF5 library to download?

Sorry if this should be obvious. I actually got stuck trying to install this:


which bombs on the build:

python setup.py build

with “ValueError: did not find HDF5 headers”

and the advice is, install HDF5. Almost all help I find on-line is Ubuntu oriented (which would great if I was at home, but here I’m stuck on Win 10). But I did land here:


and am immediately stuck unable to decide what to download. This:


hasn’t helped clarify any. The main conundrum is: What is the difference between:

  • hdf5-1.12.0-Std-win10_64-vs14.zip
  • hdf5-1.12.0-Std-win10_64-vs14-Intel.zip

Some annotation would help on the download page. But in the mean time, can anyone provide guidance here?

The one with “Intel” uses the Intel C Compiler. Without is the MS C compiler corresponding to the Visual Studio version, which in your case is VS2015. (64-bit).


Thanks. That’s some way to better understanding.

But it still begs the questions: How would I choose one and on what basis? What end user differences are there between using one compiler over another?

That depends on what compiler your application requires.