Weigh in on the HDF Forum!

Hello again, HDF User Community,

As I mentioned in my last blog post -- HDF: The Next 30 Years<https://www.hdfgroup.org/2016/10/hdf-the-next-30-years-part-2/> (Part 2) -- we're looking for ways to better engage our users, which includes providing better tools for you to get support from the HDF Community.

We currently provide a listserv as the primary way that folks post questions and feedback to the community, and we would like your feedback since we're looking at web-based tools to complement or replace this email-centric approach.

Since this is your resource, we want your input! We've created a survey:

Discussion Board and Listserv Forum Feedback: LINK<https://hdf-group.typeform.com/to/gG29zl>

In addition, you should always feel free to respond here in the forum or send me an email at david.pearah@hdfgroup.org<mailto:david.pearah@hdfgroup.org>.

P.S. Also, please DON'T forget to complete our roadmap survey and participate in our upcoming focus groups.

2017 Roadmap Survey: LINK<https://hdf-group.typeform.com/to/DtJFsu>
Live Focus Groups: LINK<https://hdf-group.typeform.com/to/CqhUG5>

We're excited about the opportunities ahead, and we depend on you to help us be successful!

Dave Pearah
The HDF Group

Check out the blog post here: LINK<https://www.hdfgroup.org/2016/10/hdf-the-next-30-years-part-2/>