Webinar Announcement: Subfiling and Multiple dataset APIs: An introduction to two new features in HDF5 version 1.14

September 30, 11:00 a.m. Central time (US/Canada)

For parallel I/O, the principle behind Subfiling is to find the middle ground between a single shared file and one file per process, thereby avoiding the complexity of one file per process and minimizing the locking issues of a single shared file on a parallel file system. The first part of the talk will cover Subfiling’s implementation, its usage, and the performance benefits observed compared to a single shared file.

The second part of the talk will introduce new HDF5 multiple dataset APIs and highlight the performance benefits when using them. The HDF5 library allows a data access operation to access one dataset at a time. However, accessing multiple datasets requires the user to issue an I/O call for each dataset. Hence, the new multiple dataset APIs allow users to access multiple datasets with a single I/O call. In addition, the new routines can improve performance, especially when data is accessed across several datasets from all processes.

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Reminder! You can learn more about two new features coming out in HDF5 1.14: Subfiling and multiple dataset APIs. This will take place on Friday September 30, at 11:00 a.m. central and will be hosted by Jordan Henderson (@jhenderson), Neil Fortner (@nfortne2) and Scot Breitenfeld (@brtnfld) and of The HDF Group. The registration link below should show the correct time, regardless of your timezone. Please register to join us:


We’ll post the recording here, but would love to have you join in person.

Thanks to everyone that attended today’s webinar on Subfiling and Multiple dataset APIs: An introduction to two new features in HDF5 version 1.14. You’ll find the slide decks and recording below.

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Slide Decks: