Warnings while compiling HDF5 with icx

These are just warning messages and library compiles and builds successfully and all the tests passed successfully. So this is more of an informational message.

This is is on CentOS 7 system.

The configure and make commands used are shown below, and compilation is being with the oneapi/2023.1 installed icx and ifort versions.

export LDFLAGS=“-Wl,–rpath -Wl,${SZIP}/lib”

$srcdir/configure CC=icx CXX=icx F77=ifort F90=ifort FC=ifort --prefix=$install_dir --enable-fortran --with-szlib=$SZIP --enable-shared |& tee $srcdir/config-intel-date +%F.log-rr

make -j8 |& tee $srcdir/make-intel-date +%F.log-rr

Some of the messages are:

CC H5Cdbg.lo
1 warning generated.
icx: warning: -Wl,-s: ‘linker’ input unused [-Wunused-command-line-argument]
warning: unknown warning option ‘-Wic-pointer’; did you mean ‘-Wregister’? [-Wunknown-warning-option]

It is probably possible to silence those warnings with the appropriate flags, but just wanted to report this since this is the first time I am building with the oneapi compilers.
Thank you!