Volume rendering with a React-Flask architecture

Hello everyone, for a project I need to be able to display 3D volumes in a website using vtk.js, these volumes are stored in hdf5 files (h5 file extensions). However, despite many attempts, especially with the h5tovtk tool, h5json, or react-vtk-js, I still can’t do it.
The data of the 3D volumes are large 3D matrices where each voxel has the same dimension.
The architecture of my site is a React-Flask architecture. The goal would be to use the backend with flask to load the data from the .h5 files and send them to the frontend as a matrix, so that the use, modification and customization of the volume visualization is done directly on the browser to make the page dynamic.
Does anyone know the solution to my problem? Or have any alternative way to achieve this communication of the volume between the backend and the frontend?

Have you looked at HSDS? Would that work as a backend? G.