Visit European HDF5 users?

Hi all,
  I'm going to be attending the EuroMPI conference and MPI Forum meetings in mid-September (12-18th) in Stuttgart, Germany. Are there any HDF5 users/developers in middle Europe who would like to have me stop by and discuss HDF5 issues with them? If your organization will pay for my hotel & meal costs, The HDF Group will pay for the travel from Stuttgart and my time. Please get in touch with me directly by July 2nd and we can see about working something out.

    Quincey Koziol
    Director of Software Development
    The HDF Group

P.S. - Last year, when the meetings were in Finland, I stopped by to talk to the developers at BiolinScientific ( and had some really good discussions about their use of HDF5 and gave them some feedback about where HDF5 was going and how to use it well, so it's usually a win for both of us. :slight_smile: