Variable-length Datatype API and vector<vector<int> >


  I'm wondering if the

herr_t H5Pset_vlen_mem_manager(hid_t plist_id, H5MM_allocate_t alloc, void *alloc_info, H5MM_free_t free, void *free_info)

function as described in

can somehow be used to directly read variable length data of
atomic types, such as int's, into a C++ vector<vector<int> > ?

It seems as of now one would first need to create some temporary
array of type "hvl_t" and then construct and copy a vector<vector<int> >
from there.

Is there a way to shortcut this and to avoid the copying operation,
and to e.g. first get the lengths of all variable length types in
a dataset such as to allow constructing an vector<vector<int> > with
the correct sizes at first, and then in next pass just pass the
pointers to the respective entries?



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