Valgrind report - HDF5 calls

Hi all,

Maybe this is an oft repeated query, but I would still appreciate any

I am trying to find out a memory leak in my program, and while looking
at the Valgrind report I see a lot of these statements.

36 bytes in 4 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 1,865 of 3,671
==18557== at 0x4C27FA4: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:296)
==18557== by 0x56E43B0: H5MM_xstrdup (in
==18557== by 0x5805138: H5Tget_member_name (in
==18557== by 0x4501E2: HDF5HeaderDataattributeScan (in
==18557== by 0x55D211F: H5A_attr_iterate_table (in
==18557== by 0x56F59E3: H5O_attr_iterate_real (in
==18557== by 0x56F6F23: H5O_attr_iterate (in
==18557== by 0x55C91A1: H5Aiterate2 (in

I looked at some queries relating to this, where it's said that there's
a patch for this in version 1.8. I am using HDF5 library version 1.8.12.

Also the link below mentions this issue while writing out in parallel mode.

My query is that do I need to have the HDF5 library compiled in a
certain way, the libhdf5.settings file show that the use of memchecker
is switched off, or can I ignore these messages from Valgrind. I worry
that this makes the code rather hard to port, as I need to have the HDF5
library compiled with the "memchecker" option switched on.

I will be glad to know any suggestions/work arounds etc.