Valgrind hangs when reading large HDF5 dataset in FORTRAN

Dear all,

I have an application written in FORTRAN which makes use of *parallel HDF5*
for input / output.

A matching post-processing code is used to read its output, in the form of
a *.h5 file, and process it.

When I try to use valgrind to check for memory leaks, however, it stalls
when reading large datasets.

More exactly, the stalling occurs at a call to H5Dread_f for large
datasets, for example 1069120 doubles (where doubles are defined as
H5kind_to_type(REAL64,H5_REAL_KIND)), whereas for smaller ones it is okay.

I tried recompiling the HDF5 library using `--enable-using-memchecker', as
described here <>, but it
didn't help.

Does anybody have more experience with this?

Thanks in advance!