User provided Conversion and background buffers


I am writing large number of data-sets in a HDF5 file. they are one
dimensional compound data-sets.
The compound data type is as follows...

typedef struct tick_t {
  int64_t bid_trade_value;
  int64_t ask_value;
  int32_t cap_sec;
  int32_t cap_usec;
  int32_t exg_sec;
  uint32_t exg_seq_id;
  uint32_t tfp_seq_id;
  uint32_t lrt_id;
  uint32_t bid_trade_size;
  uint32_t ask_size;
  uint32_t flags2;
  uint16_t flags;
  uint8_t bid_trade_base;
  uint8_t ask_base;
  uint8_t bid_trade_exg;
  uint8_t ask_exg;
} Tick;

There are large number of data-sets, so I am opening data-set before writing
and closing after the write.

Is type conversion happens for this type of data-sets?

Providing application specified buffers using *H5Pset_buffer(hid_t plist,
hsize_t size, void *tconv, void *bkg )* improves overall writing


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