Use of blosc compressor in or with h5cpp?

Is it possible to use Francesc Alted’s blosc compressor with h5cpp? I’ve not come across any posts on the generalized use of blosc with the HDF5® C-API, and was interested to know how blosc might fit with the h5cpp container design.

With the current H5CPP public code one can make it work by using the interop between CAPI and H5CPP.

However in the past few weeks I’ve been working on a modern high throughput filter chain based on the blocking algorithm used on BLAS level 3 operations, as an alternative to CAPI built in version. The results are in the 300MB/sec range, near the maximum throughput of the native filesystem. In a few weeks you can see this code in action, and building on top of this high performance system I am adding the most popular compression including blosc, motion jpeg, etc, … . Probably by early January you can use use these popular filters, including blosc.