Undefined reference to static const class members (MSVC 2013 and shared library)

I compiled my own version of the library using CMake. When compiling
_shared_ library the same problems is there with undefined reference
to default values for various classes as exists for the pre-built
binary. I have tried with several defines (H5_BUILT_AS_DYNAMIC_LIB
etc.) and link order when using the library, but those specific
"DEFAULT" symbols that are always missing.

E.g: logfile.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public:
static class H5::PropList const & const H5::PropList::DEFAULT"

Using "nm" to show the symbols in hdf5_cpp[_D].lib" confirms the
symbol "?DEFAULT@PropList@H5@@2ABV12@B" is not there. It is present in

Bulding my own _static_ library works. I have now my precious debug
build. I can live with that although I would prefer that shared
version also works.

For other users that needs static debug build. I use the following CMD
line with contents of CMake-hdf5-1.8.16.zip: ctest -S
-V -O hdf518.log