unable to download hdf5-1.10.3 win binaries

Hello. I am unable to download the latest windows binaries. I have trying for 3 days. It start, but then i get a “Failed - Network Error” message in my chrome browser.


I’m sorry for the difficulties you have experienced. We have had some issues with our hosting, and will be moving these files off the current host in the next 1-2 hours. That should help with the speed of the whole website, and will definitely improve download speed for the source and binary files. I appreciate your patience with us as we continue to look for better solutions.


Lori Cooper
The HDF Group

The solution is GitHub. Host the sources there. Host the precompiled binaries there. Let them handle the bandwidth issues. That is what they built their entire CDN for.

The issue is still present. I can’t download the win10 (64-bit) 1.10.2 vs2015 windows binary, I’ve been trying for a week.

@rgrandy I’d left the older versions on the current host for now, as we’re still working on new solutions for our users. These files have been moved as well, and you should now have a better experience. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.