Unable to build h5py with the latest version of Cython 3.0.4

I am having the same problem as this issue - Cannot build h5py for python 3.11 with HDF5 1.14.11 and I am wanting to build the latest version of h5py with the 3.0.4 version of Cython and I get the same installation errors. I am using python 3.9 . What are my options as I am wanting to build from source since my netCDF4 installation depends on this ?

If I use pip3 install . it runs against the older version of python (3.8) and compiles successfully but that won’t help me at all.

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For now, you simply need to use an older version of Cython. If you use a recent version of h5py, it should select a suitable Cython version to build with automatically. See the docs on building h5py from source here:


That sounds like your pip3 command is installed on Python 3.8. However you run Python 3.9, you should be able to use a command like python -m pip - either replace python with a full path to the Python executable you want, or run some activate command first so that python launches Python 3.9. Then this should work to install things for Python 3.9.