Trouble writing images using Java API

Hello -

I am having problems using the Java API to write images. When I execute the code below and use HDFView to look at the output image data set it is a faint grey "ghost" of the original image (i.e. it is not a sharp black and white version of the original color image). I would appreciate any pointers to documentation about working with images in Java.

Thanks much!

         // create a file
         FileFormat ff = FileFormat.getInstance("dset.h5");
         ff.createGroup("ImageGroup", null);

         // prepare to write the image data set
         int gcpl = 0;
         Group parent = null;
         Group pgroup = (Group) ff.get("ImageGroup");

         String name = "2D image";
         Datatype dtype = new H5Datatype(Datatype.CLASS_INTEGER, 1, Datatype.NATIVE,
         long[] chunks = null; // no chunking
         int gzip = 0; // no compression
         int ncomp = 3; // RGB true color image
         int interlace = ScalarDS.INTERLACE_PIXEL;

         // read the image file
         BufferedImage img = null;
         try {
             img = File("photo116.jpg"));
         } catch (IOException e) {
             System.out.println("I/O error when reading the image file");
         int w = img.getWidth();
         int h = img.getHeight();

         // get the image data in an array
         int[] dataBuffInt = img.getRGB(0, 0, w, h, null, 0, w);

         long[] dims = { h, w };
         long[] maxdims = dims;

         // create the image data set
         Dataset d = ff.createImage(name, pgroup, dtype, dims, maxdims, chunks, gzip, ncomp, interlace, dataBuffInt);