Tools for ploting compound dataset

Hi, I’m working on an hdf5 format as an alternative to SQL. My dataset is filled with heterogeneous data so I have stored them using the compound type. I would like to know if there is a tool that would allow me to plot the graph of one column of my compound dataset against another.
At the moment I have tested Nexpy H5web hdfview and panoply but in all the software I have never found a way of plotting one column of the dataset against another as could be done with Exel.
If you know of any software that allows you to do this (preferably open-source) or if you know how to configure the software mentioned to do this I would be very grateful.

Hi @r.trebu,

As you discovered, most tools for displaying HDF5 data do not handle well the specific use-case you are trying to address. That said, you can use HDFql, a high-level (declarative) programming language, to export HDF5 data into Excel and then proceed with your usual tasks. To illustrate, the following code reads a compound dataset named cmpd (stored in an HDF5 file named test.h5) and saves it into an Excel file named test.xlsx in C* using HDFql:

hdfql_execute("SELECT FROM test.h5 cmpd INTO EXCEL FILE test.xlsx");

Please refer to section 6.3.2 of the HDFql reference manual to get an overview of all the available options for exporting HDF5 data into an Excel file.

*Besides C, HDFql also supports C++, C#, Java, Python, R and Fortran.

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Thanks for your suggestion but ViTables don’t have any tools to draw 2 dimensional graph

Thanks but i dont want to export my file in an other format.

pandas.DataFrame.plot — pandas 2.2.0 documentation (