To convert point cloud Ascii .txt data into .h5 format

Hello Everyone!

I have a point cloud ASCii data file in the format of .txt file it has values in three columns for x,y & z axes. How can I convert this file into HDF5 format?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!

Simplest way is to use a stat platform: Julia, Matlab, R that allows you to import CSV and export to HDF5.
Julia native file format is hdf5 BTW. See package HDF5 and CSV.

The above solution works neat with homogeneous datasets such as hypercubes. In case you want records, and C++ is an option for you – nonhomogeneous sets – check out and take a look at pocket table examples. That will take care of the HDF5 side. And there are plenty of CSV libraries with various features around for your input.

Best: steve