The Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS) is now available on Microsoft Azure


Hi all,

We’re excited to announce the Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS) is now available on Microsoft Azure.

HSDS (Highly Scalable Data Service) is a cloud-native data service designed to fully support the HDF5 data model and API while taking advantage of cloud-based features such as object storage and on-demand compute. HSDS is an open-source, Apache2 licensed product which has been used by many organizations to provide access to HDF data over the web. Originally designed with Amazon’s AWS as the target platform, The HDF Group has worked with Microsoft Azure to enable HSDS to run equally well on Azure. Enhancements made to HSDS include: support for Azure Blob Storage, authentication with Azure Active Directory, deployment scripts for AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), and an Azure Marketplace offer to simplify deployment.

To learn more about how HSDS for Azure works, check out the blog post from senior architect John Readey (@jreadey) that outlines the design, development, and features added to HSDS for Azure.

You can start using HSDS for Azure in the Azure Marketplace.