The HDF Group at ESIP Summer Meeting 2019

A team from The HDF Group will be attending and presenting at ESIP Summer Meeting 2019. Be sure to join us at these sessions, among others where our staff will be presenting:

The HDF Town Hall session will include the following presentations:

  • Google Colaboratory for HDF-EOS - Joe Lee
    Google provides a free Jupyter notebook environment called Colaboratory (also known as Colab). It is simple, easy, and awesome Python environment for data scientists. We present how NASA Earthdata in HDF can be used with Google Colab using the existing comprehensive example on HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center website ( We also present how OPeNDAP can be used with Colab to achieve 100%-cloud data analysis.

  • Leveraging the Cloud for HDF Software Testing - Larry Knox (@lrknox )
    In this talk we will discuss how we leverage the Cloud for HDF software daily regression testing including testing of the HDF5 parallel library on the Cloud cluster using Orange FS.

  • Parallel Computing with HDF Server - John Readey (@jreadey)
    To deal with really big data you need to be able to harness the power of multiple machines, but many users are put off by the complexity involved in setting up a cluster and then figuring out to effectively utilize it. However, by using HDF Server (HSDS) with Kubernetes, it’s much easier than you would think. In this talk we’ll walk through some examples of using xarray, h5netcdf, and h5py with HSDS to illustrate how you can scale up your compute to match your data size.

  • HDF5 Roadmap 2019-2020 - Elena Pourmal (@epourmal)
    In this talk we will give an overview of the new features of the upcoming HDF5 release 1.12.0, and outline the HDF5 roadmap for the next year. We will demonstrate new open source file drivers to access HDF5 files via Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and on Hadoop Distributed File system (HDFS). We will use this presentation to get feedback on the HDF5 roadmap from the ESDIS users and application developers.

Please reach out if you’d like to schedule a meeting. We hope to see you there!