Test failures building HDF5 1.12.0 for packaging at FNAL


I’ve finally gotten around to trying to package HDF5 1.12.0 for use at FNAL. I’ve upgrading our build / packaging scripts and unfortunately my first couple of attempts on SL7 with GCC 9.3.0 are compiling successfully but failing tests. I will attach the full logs of our CMake builds with two different configurations, including the output from failing tests. Note that neither of these are parallel-enabled builds—I haven’t got to that stage yet.

The most important question is, do these test errors indicate that I shouldn’t be putting out packages with these failures, or can I proceed with packaging with tests disabled? Regardless, any input appreciated.

Chris Green, FNAL.
build_hdf5-1.12.0-e20-prof.log.xz (69.4 KB)
build_hdf5-1.12.0-nofcpp.log.xz (61.4 KB)