Test failed installing hdf5

I downloaded ‘CMake-hdf5-1.10.7.tar.gz’ and am trying to install it with cmake using cygwin in my Windows 10 PC.
When I ran ‘build-unix.sh’, 5 tests failed.

99% tests passed, 5 tests failed out of 2208

Total Test time (real) = 515.33 sec

The following tests FAILED:
7 - H5TEST-cache_api (Failed)
19 - H5TEST-accum (Failed)
23 - H5TEST-dt_arith (Failed)
83 - H5TEST-err_compat (Failed)
84 - H5TEST-error_test (Failed)

I attach err files in the build/test/H5TEST directory. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?


error_test.zip (1.9 KB)

yes, those typically fail under cygwin using CMake, however because the cygwin version of hdf5 available from the cygwin installer is correctly built, we suggest cygwin users use that version.

We believe those failing tests are test coding issues and not library issues.


The Cygwin lib is built using Autoconf. Last is hdf5-1.10.7-2

Same portion of the tests are failing also but large majority of them are passing .

7 - H5TEST-cache_api (Failed) => some failures
19 - H5TEST-accum (Failed) => all passed
23 - H5TEST-dt_arith (Failed) => only one fails. the other hundred and more are fine
83 - H5TEST-err_compat (Failed) => some failures
84 - H5TEST-error_test (Failed) => the comparison of the test output is failing. The output is correct

$ grep FAILED hdf5-1.10.7-2-check.log |wc -l

$ grep PASSED hdf5-1.10.7-2-check.log |wc -l