Suppressing "0 differences found" from h5diff -r

Is there a way to suppress uninteresting messages like

dataset: </rho> and </rho>
0 differences found

from 'h5diff -r'? I'd expect those to appear on 'h5diff -r -v' but
not for 'h5diff -r'. Report mode always appears to be verbose.

Grepping through the source for "differences found" shows comments
indicating that '-q' does what I want

/* use quiet mode; supress the message "0 differences found" */

but then grepping for 'm_quiet' shows that comment to be wrong as
'm_quiet' only suppresses final output from print_info(...). The
comments are misleading.

Testing confirms that '-q' doesn't help as it is incompatible with '-r'.

Any ideas? I obviously could pipe through awk or perl or something,
but the hierarchical nature of the output makes that nontrivial. E.g.
my /rho has children which have children, etc.