Subfiling support



when do you plan to support 1.14 version?

Could we speed up the support of the new HDF5 1.14 subfiling feature (possibly even when rest of 1.14 will not be supported)? It is also present in 1.13.2 and 1.13.3 I believe, but in 1.14 there will be some cool additions and we would love to test it in our experiments.

Thanks a lot for the info!





1.14.0 should release this week. Subfiling will only be present in HDF5 1.14+. It will not move to 1.12 or earlier.

The 1.13.x versions are “experimental” releases (basically glorified release candidates) and are not supported long-term. They are mainly to get new features out for testing and integration via a “release-like” product. Production software should never use a 1.13 version of HDF5.

Also, there are no new features in 1.14.0 that were not in 1.13.3. The only things we’ve added since then are basically tweaks and bugfixes.