String padding on fixed length strings

Hi All,

When I look at my string data from the H5 file under pytables, I’mgetting padding like so:


I am using fixed length strings as it is a rquirement for the project. I get the result I want with variable string lengts but unable to use H5T_VARIABLE. I was just wondering how to get rid of the padding and just show the data I want shown. Thisis probably a python question.

I’m setting up my string thisway:

hid_t strtype = H5TCopy(H5T_C_S1)
H5Tset_strpad(strtype, H5T_STR_NULLTERM);

Hopefullysomeonemay guideme in the right direction,


How about H5Tset_strpad(strtype, H5T_STR_NULLPAD);?