storing a string dataset in HDF5 using Java

(writing both to the forum & helpdesk, since the mailing list seems to
be down or in flux)

I have a set of C++ classes that creates an HDF5 file, and I am trying
to replace them (for maintainability & other reasons) with Java. I can't
figure out the right way in Java to read a file and store the results in
the HDF5 file as a compressed string, though. Here's what "h5ls -v -r"
shows for this dataset that I have created in C++:

/foo/bar/baz/ESPDF Dataset {1/1}
    Location: 1:10744
    Links: 1
    Chunks: {1} 2656 bytes
    Storage: 2656 logical bytes, 626 allocated bytes, 424.28%
    Filter-0: deflate-1 OPT {9}
    Type: 2656-byte null-terminated ASCII string

and here's my attempt at doing something like this in Java:

    Group g;
    FileChannel fileChannel;
    ByteBuffer bbuf;
    int x;

    /* ... successfully-running (but not-very-relevant) code
            which sets up g, fileChannel and bbuf,
    and counts the size of the input file with the result in
    The value of "x" could be large so I want to be able to
write the HDF5
    dataset in smaller pieces rather than one big monolithic
chunk. */

    long dims[] = {x};
    long maxdims[] = dims;
    long chunks[] = {1};
    int gzip = 9;

    // these following two lines are essentially verbatim
    int tid = H5.H5Tcopy( HDF5Constants.H5T_C_S1);
    H5.H5Tset_size(tid, x);
    Datatype dtype = new H5Datatype(tid);
    FileFormat ff = g.getFileFormat();
    ncsa.hdf.object.Dataset ds = ff.createScalarDS(
        "ESPDF", g, dtype, dims, maxdims,
chunks, gzip, null);
    while ( >= 0)

      /* do something here to write the dataset to the
HDF5 file.
                     What? ds.write seems to expect
             an array of Java strings, which makes no
sense. */




from my C++ program


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