SQL queries on HDF files and in-memory data structures

Dear HDF users,

I am a PhD candidate and with my PhD supervisor
we have developed an open-source tool [1] that allows you to instrument existing
C/C++ programs so that you can run SQL queries on their in-memory data structures [2].
All that's needed is adding a few lines of code, and linking with our PicoQL library.
We have already instrumented successfully three mid-range C++ applications as well as
the Linux kernel. Now we'd like to branch out to larger in-memory datasets.
We would be interested to create a tool that reads HDF files into memory
and provides an SQL interface for querying them. Querying HDF
in-memory data structures will also be possible by linking to the picoQL library.
We wonder whether PicoQL would benefit projects using HDF,
and whether it would be useful to the HDF user community.

[1] https://github.com/mfragkoulis/PiCO_QL
[2] http://istlab.dmst.aueb.gr/~mfrag/Pubs/pico_ql.pdf

Kind regards,
Marios Fragkoulis