Sharing Code with the Forum for Troubleshooting

When requesting help from this forum, please consider creating and uploading a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example (SSCCE). Many problems come from an incorrect or overly complicated approach, and may be filtered out when the submitter reduces the problem to the minimum. This also reduces the time investment required from those who help out on this forum.

You can feel free to paste in your code if not too long, or use the upload button as you’re composing your post to attach a file.

Thanks @steven for the suggestion and as always, thanks to all who offer their expertise on this forum!

Maybe some integration, levering of web friendly tools like godbolt / is warranted so the user can not only easily submit the SSCCE but it proves it compiles and whatever compile error, warnings, execution issues are available for all to see in a structured and low barrier (especially for tweaks, updates) way.

Complex libraries like boost, CUDA to name a few are available on these services - you could have the HDF5 version selectable - including git master… potentially platform too.