Setting up HDF5 new compression filter, How to call "H5Pset_filter(dcpl_id, 32016, H5Z_FLAG_OPTIONAL, cd_nelmts, cd_values)?

Hi, I am new to HDF5.
I am trying to use a registered Third-Party Filters (B3D Compression) for HDF5 files, and run their sample script in python.

Here is their README instructions:

When I tried to do the step “Writing compressed files”, they said "To write compressed files, the compression has to be set by calling H5Pset_filter on the dataset creation property list (dcpl_id).

H5Pset_filter(dcpl_id, 32016, H5Z_FLAG_OPTIONAL, cd_nelmts, cd_values);

where 32016 is the filter id for B³D compression, and cd_nelmts is the number
of elements in cd_values. cd_values is an array comprising of the
following elements"

Can anyone tell me how EXACTLY I call this “H5Pset_filter(dcpl_id, 32016, H5Z_FLAG_OPTIONAL, cd_nelmts, cd_values);”? In which software do I “call” this? Should I just copy and pause this line?
If someone can explain this step in more detail, I will be so grateful. Thanks a million!!!

H5Pset_filter is an HDF5 API. You can find documentation on it in the HDF5 Reference Manual here:
Core Library

Specifically, H5Pset_filter is documented here:

There is an HDF5 Tutorial here that walks you through creating a file and writing to/reading from it:
Learning the Basics

There is also a very simple example of registering a compression method at the bottom of this page, in case that might be easier to understand:

Feel free to contact the HDF helpdesk if you have any questions: