Segmentation fault


I am relatively new to using the hdf5 code, and am having trouble reading in a .h5 file. I have followed to examples on the hdfgroup website, but I when read in the file, I am getting a segmentation fault. I was hoping someone might be able to point out where I am making a memory mistake. I have attached a copy of my code. Also, the data set I am attempting to read is a 1051200 by 2 matrix with a complex compound datatype in each of the cells. Thanks in advance for any help.


readattempt.cpp (4.83 KB)


Welcome to using HDF5. How do you normally approach debugging a
segmentation fault? Have you run the code under a debugger to
determine the line on which the seg fault is occurring?

If you are attempting to read a 1051200x 2 array I would expect to see
an array of that size declared in your code, but I don’t see it. That
might be a problem.

It has been a long while since I’ve written used C++, so perhaps I’m
missing something but hasn’t the malloc function been superceded by the
new statement in C++?



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