RuntimeError: Wrong file driver version #


Dear All,

I have installed HDF5 (serial version 1.13.2), then I installed H5PY (version 3.7.0); everything went okay during the installation.

However, when I ``import h5py" in a Python script, I get a RuntimeError as follows:

File “h5py/h5fd.pyx”, line 2220, in init h5py.h5fd
RuntimeError: Wrong file driver version # (wrong file driver version #)
Any help will be appreciated.


How did you install h5py? Did you build it from source (against HDF5 1.13.2) or did you pip install it? What’s the output of





@h.kamberaj h5py currently does not work with HDF5-1.13.2. It works with the previous 1.13.0 and 1.13.1. Do you absolutely require the 1.13.2 version?

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