Rest-vol cloud file path and authentication

I want to use the Rest-vol plugin to access HDF5 file on the cloud. The site is private and I need to authenticate to access it.

What should be the file path when opening the file with H5Fopen()?

How do I authenticate using Rest-vol?

Hi @plessard,

for authenticating with the REST VOL, usually your credentials will be contained in a .hscfg file in your home directory. This file is used by HSDS and is also read by the REST VOL to provide connection/authentication information to libcurl. If this file is not present, the REST VOL will also look for the HSDS_ENDPOINT, HSDS_USERNAME and HSDS_PASSWORD environment variables to use for connection/authentication. Note that if using environment variables for authentication, the HSDS_ENDPOINT variable must currently be set for the REST VOL to interpret HSDS_USERNAME/HSDS_PASSWORD as well.

For the call to H5Fopen(), the file path will usually match the folder structure for the endpoint being connected to. For example, a typical filepath might be “/home/user1/file.h5”.