Request new release 1.12.1

Hello HDF Group. It has been 9 months since version 1.12.0 was released, but only 3 months since version 1.10.7 was released. I am concerned that 1.12.0 may be missing important new features, changes, or bug fixes that were included in 1.10.7.

Would it be possible for you to make a maintenance release to version 1.12.1, to include the relevant upgrades from 1.10.7? This would ensure that upgrading from 1.10.7 to 1.12.x is not a step backward in any way, especially for bug fixes or security fixes.

Thank you for continuing to support a very fine community product.


We are coming with HDF5 1.12.1 release in January 2021 and after that we will have 1.12 release every six months.


hi @epourmal, we’re well passed January - any updates? 1.12.0 doesn’t look as attractive as 1.10.7 wrt bugfixes