Release of HDFView 3.1.4 (Newsletter #186) - The HDF Group


HDFView version 3.1.4 is now available from the HDFView Download page.

The software can also be obtained from the HDFView 3.1.4 page on the HDF Support Portal. This version was built and tested with HDF5-1.10.9, HDF 4.2.15, and openjdk 15.

This is a maintenance release with a number of new features and changes, including:

  • HDFVIEW-197 (incorrectly displaying image data) has been fixed. The problem was that the initial starting values for calculation of minimum and maximum data values were invalid. In addition, an option to allow dynamic data ranges has been added.
  • The ability to display and edit attribute data in table views, the same way as the datasets
  • Incorrect displays of dimension for scalar types and of new attribute creation dialog were fixed.
  • The default file search directory was incorrectly set to always use the installation folder. This was fixed to allow a user specified folder
    1. The User Properties dialog was fixed to allow the user to set the default search folder.
    2. The search folder will appear first in the recent files list.
    3. The default search directory is specified by the system property, user.dir, which is usually the current user location from which HDFView was launched.
New supported platforms include macOS 11.*.

Please see the release notes for complete details on what is new in this release.


Hey there.

This release leaves me a little confused about the versioning of HDFView: Newsletter #184 from May announced the release of version 3.2.0 which I have been using since. Now version 3.1.4 is being released and 3.2.0 cannot be found on the public download page any more - only in the archives. The 3.2.0 release blog post is also gone somehow. Was there an issue with 3.2.0 that I’m not aware of? Which is the most up-to-date version now that I should be using, 3.1.4 or 3.2.0?


HDFView 3.2.x series is based on the HDF5 1.12.x releases.
HDFView 3.1.x series is based on the HDF5 1.10.x releases.
HDFView 3.3.x series will be based on the future 1.14.x releases.


After the release of 3.2.0, it was brought to our attention that HDFView 3.2.0 would crash on an attribute of VLEN of REFERENCE. HDFView 3.1.4 does not crash, just displays blank data.
Therefore we decided that the default version should be 3.1.4. Other versions are still available and accessible from the website.