Reading dataset that is compressed with LZF

I have a dataset that is compressed with LZF filter. Since this is a third party library and mainly used for H5PY, I was wondering how I can incorporate this to my HDF5 reader library. I built the HDF5 reader library on Windows, using Visual Studio 2015 configuration and as a static library.

You don’t need to incorporate the filter into your reader library. You use the ability of HDF5 to dynamically load filter plugins. You build the filter plugin and put it in a location pointed to by HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH. That way any HDF5 program can use that filter, without having to have been built with the filter.


What if I build the HDF5 lib as a static library? Would it still allow me to dynamically load the filter plugins?

Actually, no. The hdf5 library needs to be dynamic, otherwise there could be issues with the hdf5 globals under some conditions. Also, it may work on some platforms but not all platforms.