Read strings from hdf5 file in fortran90


In order to streamline data exchange between my fortran90 programs and a.o. matlab I decided to use hdf5 as the designated file format.
Everything works so far, except for the following: When I try to read a string in fortran from an hdf5 file, only the first character is read.
I tried a lot and I am really stuck.

A snippet from my code:


      filename = "foo.h5"
      dsetname = "teststring"
      stroutp = "abcdefghi"
      dimstr = (/1/)

      CALL h5fopen_f(filename, H5F_ACC_RDONLY_F, file, hdferr)
      CALL h5dopen_f (file, dsetname, dset, hdferr)
      CALL h5dget_create_plist_f(dset, dcpl, hdferr)
      CALL h5pget_layout_f(dcpl, layout, hdferr)

      CALL h5dread_f(dset, H5T_STRING_F, stroutp, dimreadtekst, hdferr)
      WRITE(*,*) stroutp

      CALL h5pclose_f(dcpl , hdferr)
      CALL h5dclose_f(dset , hdferr)
      CALL h5fclose_f(file , hdferr)

If the variable "teststring" contained "This is a text", stroutp will contain "Tbcdefghi"
HDFView states the properties as having one dimension of length 1, and a string of length 14
Writing strings, and both writing and reading arrays of integers and double precision floats works fine.
I use the 64 bits intel compiler under both Redhat and Ubuntu linux 10.4
What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance and best regards,

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