Read String character from H5 files using matlab

Hi HDF users,
I am trying to read string characters such as quality flag (good, bad,
caution etc) from H5 data using matlab, similar way as the data read read
in idl, however it doesn't work. For an E.g
Flag_NAME = 'RetrievalResults/master_quality_flag';
Flag_id = (file_id, Flag_NAME); (data_id,'H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE', 'H5S_ALL', 'H5S_ALL',
'H5P_DEFAULT'); (Doesn't work)

OR (data_id,'H5T_C_S1', 'H5S_ALL', 'H5S_ALL', 'H5P_DEFAULT');
(not working)
I have also tried with H5T_NATIVE_CHAR AND H5T_NATIVE_STRING instead of
H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE, but not worked,
Appreciate your help,


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