Read Before Posting: Welcome to The HDF Forum


Welcome to The HDF Forum. This forum is maintained by The HDF Group, the developers and maintainers of HDF technologies. It is a community-driven forum first, and HDF Group staff will help find answers to questions on a best-effort basis. If you see a question that you can answer, chime in and make a fellow community member’s day!

When posting a question, please consider the following:

  • Review the Documentation
  • Search the forum
  • Include a minimal working example (upload to dropbox or message moderators for permissions if needed)
  • Tell us as much about your system as possible: platform (processor architecture, OS), compiler and its version, any third-party libraries (e.g., MPI) and their versions, storage system, etc.

The HDF Group is a non-profit that provides the feature-packed HDF5 technology suite backed by complementary supporting services. HDF technologies (e.g., HDF4, HDF5 library, HSDS, HDFView) are open-source software. If you have found HDF technologies or this forum useful, please consider donating to The HDF Group. Your organization may also consider investing in priority support.