Read and Write the data into .h5 file using Compound datatype

Hi Team,

For read and write the data into .h5 files for integer datatype it is working fine for us,in the same way we need to read and write the data into .h5 files for Compound datatype as well by using HDFql.

Please kindly help us and let us know if there are any references and examples related to this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @leelakrishna.k,

If you open HDFql reference manual and search for compound, you will get many examples that illustrate how to define, write and read compounds in HDFql.

In addition, if you search on this same forum for HDFql compound, there will be a plethora of information about this topic. Examples (in C# as it seems to be the programming language you use looking at other posts you did): here and here.

That said, we will soon update HDFql examples webpage to include an example that illustrates the usage of a compound.

Hope it helps!