Quincey Koziol of HDF Group visiting LLNL Dec. 9th

Hello everyone,

Many apologies for sending this via hdf-forum. I am trying to ensure
any/all Lawrence Livermore folks using HDF5 are informed and couldn't
think of a better alternative...

Quincey Koziol, senior software architect for the HDF5 library, is in
the SF bay area for a conference this week. He was kind enough to extend
his stay and will be visiting LLNL all day on December 9th.

He will be giving a presentation on recent enhancements to HDF5 as well
as near term planned enhancements for HPC systems. We will also be
available for some one-on-one discussion for part of his day here.

The presentation will be in the Black Diamond Room (Building 453, Room
1012) from 10:30 to noon on December 9th.

Contact Mark Miller (miller86@llnl.gov) if you would like to arrange
some one-on-one time with Quincey while he is here.


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