Querying HDF5 array base on a unique ID ?


  I plan to store the following per-particle information in HDF5

  (1) Particle ID (unique)
  (2) Position (x,y,z)
  (3) Velocity (i,j,k)
  (4) Density
  (5) Apparent magnitude

  What is the recommended way to lookup/query a particle information given
it's unique ID ?

  I have read about FastQuery/FastBit but it seems optimise to query a set
of information rather than individual ones ?

  Should I approach the problem differently and supply a set of unique IDs
so that FastQuery/FastBit returns a set corresponding to their IDs.

  I envisage that I will be incrementally adding up to between 300 x 10^9 -
1 x 10^12 unique particle point and continue to use the same query method.



Nicholas Yue
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